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A School With Eight Pupils


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November 23, 2004

Sandi Daus explained to us that "Fui de coa" means "Go away from here", and Mateo Jurman remembered that when they speak on the cell phone, the speaker may ask the other speaker "Iuv eşti" , which means "Where are you"

Sušnjevica - The name Sušnjevica, where there is one of the smallest Istrian schools with only eight pupils in the first and second class, has the root in the old Istro-Romanian dialect. "Su" means "On", so the total name means "Those who live above the plowed field". Only about 150 people speak this interesting language, and our friends, students of the local elementary school "Ivan Goran Kovacević" from Čepić, know a few phrases, which they heard from their nonos or nonas. Sandi Daus told us that when the older people worked in the field, they use to yelled: "Fui de coa" , which means "Go awaz from here", and Mateo Jurman remembered that when talking on the cell phone people may say "Iuv eşti".

The younger generation in Sušnjevica is better able to use English, Italian and Croatian then Istro-Romanian. Every day I watch cartoons in English and Italian on TV and I also have a lot of cassettes. My father and older brother speak this strange language in which they say "Fui de cia", but I know very little of it, told us Mateo Jurman.

The school building was built in 1904 and this year we are celebrating its 100th birthday. Located on the hill, it is surrounded with greenery and the old wide stare-case makes us reminisce of the old times when its rooms were resounding with children's sounds. A visitor will be attracted to the sculptural work in the corridor among them collage made of newspapers and a collection of old things. School is located on the bottom floor, where there is one classroom, cafeteria and teacher's office. All the students- since there are so few, might as well name them – beside Mateo and Sandi, there are Elena Fajman, Nina Maria Laginja, Viktor Peršić, Petra Ugričić and Ibrahimović, who enjoy music, art and gymnastics. An exception is Mateo Herić who loves mathematics. To our quick questions of how much is three plus three and six minus two he quickly answered correctly, proving that math is not a bugaboo. Mateo loves soccer. For that reason he is looking forward to the next year when they will get some new students into the first class who will complete the soccer team. To help them learn different subjects there is their teacher Dianora Radola, but momentarily she is substituted by Davorka Prusić.

Istro-Romanians, or Vlahi, came to this territory six centuries ago. In the new catalogue of the Ministry of education, stated the superintendent Mirela Vidak, there will be much more room for ethnic studies, which will also include the Istro-Romanian costumes and language. As a continuation of the last year's field study in Kršan, this year they will continue to visit all the interesting places in Sušnjevica and therefore get much more familiar with their area.

Translated by Pino Golja
© Copyright 2005



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