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A "Millionaire" must be well dressed

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ZEJANE - Of all the posts in Liburnia during the Halloween some have special significance. Those on which the scarecrow is hanging. Regardless of whom the scarecrow is; Trolej, Rivijera, hunchback or millionaire… somebody has to make it dress it and paint it.

This is already the tenth year that I am making the scarecrow all by my self and before we use to make it in a group, said Luciano Doricic member of the folklore society Zejane bell ringers and where mother and father of this Zejane millionaire, which was on the day of Three Kings hung in the center of Zejane.

Explain the technique of building the scarecrow?

You take an overall which you fill up not with the straw but with the second cut grass to make it fluffy. The scarecrow must be flexible and light. It is supported by the interior wire mash and the shoes and gloves are wired in. At the end you place the mask which we buy at the end of the carnival for the next year. Since we hang the scarecrow on January 6th the masks are normally not yet available.

Where do you get the costume? Do you make a fancy scarecrow or this year is an exception because it is a millionaire?

We decide a while back that the scarecrow must be a bit better dressed and then our women folk take over. However, you have to say that its name is given only after it is finished.

When and how?

The scarecrow is normally completed in the morning of the Three Kings day. Takes about three hours and then the group decides on the name. It is always connected to a fact. Last year it was Furman that is because we were not able to drive it through town with the horse driven carriage because the horse was to wild. This year we did use the carriage. In Zejane we actually have five horses.

The scarecrow is displayed for 8 weeks. Will the millionaire last that long? Has there ever been a case where the scarecrow lost a part or something happened?

One year the rope got loose and the scarecrow was in the morning sitting under the pole and because it looked more like a sleeping person than a scarecrow did not surprised the people going to work in the morning.

Translated by Pino Golja
© Copyright 2005


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