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Genetics and Medicine:

  • Aldo Valkovic, Ivana Valkovic-Antic and Asja Valkovic-Mika, Endemic Glaucoma in the Mune-Brgud Area (Endemski glaukom u naseljima Mune i Brgud) (English with Hrvatski summary)
  • The remedies of the folk medicine of the Croatians living in Cićarija, northern Istria. Pieroni A, Giusti ME. Coll Antropol. 2008 Jun;32(2):623-7. Source: School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK. (

    An ethnobotanical field study was conducted among the Croatians living in Cićarija in northern Istria and a very restricted folk pharmacopoeia (of approximately only 30 remedies) was recorded. This finding suggests that a remarkable process of erosion of Traditional Knowledge (TK) may have taken place. The collected data were compared with the ethnobotanical findings of a field study previously conducted among the Istro-Romanians living in the nearby village of Zejane, who probably migrated there around the 14th Century. It was found that more than half of the botanical taxa were being used medicinally across the two communities, and that approximately one third of the actual medicinal plant uses were recorded in both communities. Correspondence analysis carried out comparing the same data with those of the ethnobotanical literature of Istria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in North-Eastern Italy showed that the folk phytotherapy of the diverse ethnic populations living in multi-cultural Istria appears to be very similar.

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), popularly known in the U.S.A. as Lou Gehrig's Disease - there is a high incidence of this disease in the Brdo (Berdo) region of the Arsa Valley and perhaps elsewhere in Istria. It is presumed to be the genetically transmitted form of the disease. Its Istrian victims have been documented by researchers in Trieste and is known to run through the Pezulich, Jelovcic and Tercovich clans, and possibly others, some of whose families, as political refugees of the post-World War II era moved to Italy, Australia, Canada, Sweden, the U.S.A and perhaps other countries of the world.

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