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BBC Romania Radio Program

Vali Chifor email to Marisa Ciceran:

Here is the Sound Clip of the recorded BBC radio program [broadcasted on October 5, 2005]. You have just 6 minutes from a news show of 30 minutes. There is some small disturbance ini the sound because of internet, but generally it is pretty okay.

"Istroromanians - The Last Two Villages"

You will hear sample of the Istro_Romanian dialect from Mauro, the chief of the Zvoncari, and his family, recorded in Zejane. Some few seconds of their songs. And in Sušnjevica Marcelo Jurman and a friend of his and  his kid. The report ends on how  this father is helping his kid who is having a difficult time counting in dialect the numbers from 1 to 10. There is more about Mauro because I gave a very high importance to his band's contribution in keeping the language and old customs.

There are criticisms of Romanian and Croatian authorities, alarm signals that on the ground level: the language is almost lost, and a short history about the community and about migration problems. There is also the opinion of professor Neiescu from Cluj that the dialect will die in 2-3 generation's time.


I hope that my report will contribute toward more concrete actions for keeping alive the Istro-Romanian dialect. Please  feel free to send this report to anyone interested in it.

Val Chifor, BBC
September 27, 2005

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